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Indiana Jones Men's Twill Safari are in, and that's no secret, you turn on the TV and you see hats all over the place, most famous people from athletes to actors they are wearing them with pride. From Pork Pie hats to Newsboy caps to those weird things you see on models heads on the runways, there is no doubt a great variety of all type of hats for you to wear. This is great for everybody, for us, what this means is that cooler hats are going to be coming out for us to wear.

If you can find some hats made out of felt that have a long crease right across the crown and has sides and front that are pinched, then you sure have found some of the most fashionable men's fedora hats. Such fedora hats usually have hat bands to make them look more attractive and have brims that go around the entire circumference of the hats. The only difference between a fedora and a Trilby is that the trilby has a brim that is shorter and the rear side of the brim is upturned sharply.

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Mens & Women's Hat Styles

There are cowboy hats and then there are Fedora Hats For Men, durable, affordable and exceptionally good-looking. But you know all that already, what you really want to know is once you've bought one how do you look good wearing it?

Stetson make two different types of western hats, one is the straw western and the other is, of course, the renown felt western, which was first invented back in 1865. Ever since then, generations of country music stars and cowboys have looked and kept cool under their hats.

Fedora Hat

Tips for Choosing Indiana Jones Men's Twill Safari

This Winter 2007/2008 sees a mens fashion revivalism of 'retro' bringing back the nostalgia of the early 70's years but with a new twist. Pants are narrower, colors are smarter and layering is the key - a contrast of styles which combines classy and casual at the same time - enabling you to wear one outfit from sunrise to sunset.

Lovely Layers

It's all about layering this season. Show those t-shirts and shirts off under sweaters and jackets, sweatshirts and vests. With the sleeker, slimmer cuts create a chic and sophisticated look rather than oversized bulk.

Add That Plaid

Forget the kipper ties of the early seventies. Ties are narrow and sleek to balance out the tapered look. A plaid tie is a must have as one of the keynote pieces of the season. You can also ring the changes with stripes and checks. Use them to update a suit or teem with a blazer. This season its okay to mix plaids with checks, tweeds and stripes, just show your creativity.

Jazz Up Those Jeans

One of the most versatile items in any wardrobe - this season the emphasis is on superior styling. Dark and light colors - anything goes but pick a pair that best suits your build and flatters your silhouette. Jazz them up with a striped shirt or belt or a tweed blazer.

Belt Up!

Pep up your jeans with a striped belt in this season's colors. Match them with chunky bracelets and necklaces in silver but wear them large and many!

Trilby Time

Go for a Jason Timberlake look with this season's trilby styles to make a fashion statement. A new spin is the variation of materials and textures along with creative colors and funky prints.

Bring Back the Brits

Much of this season's fashion is inspired by the British classics. Whether it be a tie-up trench coat, brass button jacket or regimental style plaid. Not to mention the reintroduction of corduroy and moleskin that feature so predominantly in British country life.

Dress to Impress

'Dress for success' may be a cliché but it is a proven fact that the number of Americans who go to work in casual dress is declining. In 2007 statistics show that only 37% of the workforce dresses down for the office, compared to 48% in 2004. It is no secret that a laid back dress style in the work place can lead to a laid back attitude towards work. With today's sophisticated tailoring and crisp, smart colors there has never been a better time to promote yourself and your wardrobe. This season's style is about looking individual and not a carbon copy your neighbor behind the next screen. Clever use of styles and color will enable you to have a dramatic, professional impact, giving you a more positive mindset that is carried through not just at work but into your whole life.

It's Not All Black and White

Whether you are aware of it or not, the colors we choose to dress ourselves in are often a subconscious indication of how we are feeling about ourselves and our mood. With the fashion this season being gray hues and somber blacks, think carefully about your choice. Don't hide yourself in neutral grays; instead make them a backdrop for powerful fashion statements, with bold striped shirts or sleek turtle neck sweaters, add splashes of color with plaid ties or tweed jackets.

Dressing for this winter is an art form. With tapered, flat-fronted pants and sleek slimmer cuts, such snug tailoring means that you also need to be more aware of your body shape. Be careful to choose styles and textures that enhance your best features.

If you are tall and thin then rely on layering and this season's chunky knits. Avoid pinstripe or vertical stripes and wear close rather than tight fitting tops and straight rather than tapered pants.

If you are bulky, go for softer wool fabrics rather than chunky tweeds. Stay away from horizontal stripes and when wearing jackets, go for a two or three button style with longer lapels which will flatter your silhouette. Unsightly bulges can no longer be hidden in baggy pants or sloppy sweaters. The emphasis on narrow leg trousers and tighter fitting cardigans and tops means you are in danger of accentuating the bits you normally try to hide. If you are not careful, you'll end up looking like a fashion victim rather than a fashion leader.

Winter fashion 2007/2008 is a relationship between old and new, classy and casual, lightweight and layers. Monochrome and gray give us a chic, sophisticated look which is as versatile in the office as it is in a bar, at a sports stadium or on that special date. The retro seventies look has been tweaked and tailored for the demands of today's modern society - there has never been a better excuse to Go Retro!

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Elegant Mens Fashion Hats - A Must Have of the Season

One of the biggest fears many men have regarding fashion is to try something different. While you may constantly be updating your wardrobe it is very easy to become stuck in a fashion rut where you buy the same type of clothes or the same colours, season after season.

Once you are happy and comfortable with your attire, this is often where the problem starts, you may feel too comfortable and secure with the clothes you are wearing and may be afraid of pushing your fashion boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone by trying something new, as a result you will usually choose the same styles and colours year after year.

Men's fashion is often influenced by your peers and social circle and this often develops a mindset of being afraid to try something different, even if it is highly fashionable. A city banker, for example, will usually be associated with tailored suits, shirts and ties, and trying something different will often be frowned upon. A teenage student, whose friends primarily wear jeans, t shirts and sweatshirts, wearing something smarter would be seen as the exception to the norm.

While our attire may be influenced by friends or our social circumstances there is no reason why you can't express your own individualism without feeling too uncomfortable in your surroundings. Subtle changes to your attire can make a huge difference to your appearance and you can look both fashionable and stylish, without completely alienating yourself from your peer group.

Firstly consider experimenting with colour, many men continually opt for monochrome colours year after year, one reason is that they don't want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered for the wrong reasons. Many will choose the colours they feel comfortable with again and again, black, blue and grey which often form the staple colours of many men's wardrobe, while they are relatively safe colours, they can become rather tedious too. Wearing new colours can make you appear more confident, friendly and allow you to display your individualism, as well as freeing up your wardrobe to a host of new options and colour combinations.

Next we should consider accessories, which can add a whole new dimension to any outfit. Hats are a great accessory and can be worn without changing your traditional attire at all, while at the same time they will completely transform your appearance. While beanies and baseball caps are often worn casually, consider brimmed hats which can be worn formally or casually to give a great personalised and stylish look.

If you have never worn a hat before, the drivers cap is an excellent item to start with, usually found in tweed, they are also available in a variety of materials including wool, cord and leather and they look excellent with casual as well as smarter wear. The trilby is another great hat which can be worn casually or formally, very popular during the 1960's, the trilby faded from fashion for many years, but is now very popular again. The bowler hat has also staged a comeback recently and while traditionally worn in a formal setting it can be a very versatile accessory and is definitely worth experimenting with, and worn less formally.

Braces are another fantastic accessory that can add a huge amount of style, they can be worn formally with a suit and casually with jeans or a pair of chinos. Braces are a great and fashionable alternative to a belt and are an inexpensive way to transform your attire.

If you are a regular tie wearer, consider the change to a bow tie, traditionally associated with a certain type of person or profession, bow ties are now the height of fashion and give a great opportunity to express some individualism and you will look very stylish when wearing one too.

Simple changes can make a big difference to your look and when you make the decision to make some changes into your attire, be brave and embrace the change.

Indiana Jones Straw Hat Fedora

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