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Posted on April 14, 2017

The hat is one of the most popular clothing accessories nowadays, but sometimes choosing the most suitable headwear such as the Indiana Jones line of hats could be a difficult step. Some people do not consider wearing of hats in their daily style and wear them only on special occasions such as parties. You can also find hats that very adaptable you can wear them for both situations special occasions and in the daily life. The key for choosing the most suitable is the balance. Other things to consider are your wardrobe, body, and face shape.

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If you've recently peeked into a fashion and/or pop culture magazine lately, you've probably noticed that the Indiana Jones Hats have made a major trendy comeback. Once a look associated with old Hollywood style and glamor, these fashionable hats had all but faded into the background of our style consciousness.

However, some current tenor inclinations have shown a definitive shift in our attitudes towards this sharp lid look.

The current popularity of fedoras can be traced to the first Indiana Jones movie when Indy, played by Harrison Ford, wears a safari style fedora, where the medium-to-large brim is turned down in the front and the back. The hat has become emblematic of the man. After that, all fedora styles took off. Today's fashionistas like their fedoras with stingy (short) brims - very much on the other side of the fedora brim length continuum from Indy.

Whether they know it or not, these young hipsters are the direct fashion descendants from Indiana Jones' Hat. Recent trends have proven that fedora hats have firmly planted themselves as a front-running style accessory.

What are the Best Indiana Jones Hats This Year

Fashion has always been popular. So much so that major cities across the world hold a fashion week such as Paris, Milan and London. Fashion is followed religiously in magazines and newspapers which inform us of the best deals, where to buy these products and what we "must have" in our wardrobes. But why do we follow fashion trends? And what is in fashion at the moment?

Fashion (in the clothing and attire sense) is basically a style or collection of clothes that are popular at present. So, for example several seasons ago leopard print was in fashion. You would find it everywhere on pants, tops, hats and even bags. Everyone was wearing it and before long the trend passed. SO what is in fashion now I hear you ask? That will be men's clothing worn by women.

We all know that a man's shirt has always looked sexy on a woman. We only need to watch a few films to see that but this fashion trend has so much more to offer. It is about wearing men's attire but it should suit a female body shape. We'll start from the top. Trilby hats. Trilbys were worn by many men in the 1920's. They were a fashionable hat that was popular with everyone. It wasn't until the 2000s that women started wearing them and making them look good. They came in a huge array of colors and suited all outfits. They were the perfect male accessory for women.

Then women took the French shirt look. As with most things women did, they have to make a few changes. The collars became bigger as did the cuffs. The neckline was lowered and the fit made more snug. Of course with most outfits there needs to be some accessorizing so what accessory could you use for a French shirt? Cufflinks of course! Or if you're feeling very daring even a tie and braces! Cufflinks are even now made for women. They have a huge range of different colors and styles to suit any outfit and they look so elegant. From pale pinks to shocking Swarovski crystals, you can find any kind of cufflink you want.

Then come the tailored pants. There was a time when it was almost disrespectful for women to wear pants. Boy has that changed! Not only do they wear pants but they make them look good too. Tailored suit pants go really well with a French shirt and will flatter your figure too. Finally, the shoes. Wingtips are very popular with men so women thought it only fair that they got in on the action too. Wingtips with heels soon became all the rage and are now just as popular as their male equivalent.

It now becomes apparent that whatever men wear, women will soon follow. Of course they will alter it, adjust it, make it work for us and look better but the same principles will still be there. So whether you are a follower of fashion or just fancy updating your wardrobe a bit then why not try raiding your partner's wardrobe first!

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Since the dawn of time people have been wearing, I wouldn't say hats, but head coverings. Reaching back as early as primitive man, animal skins have been used to protect the head against the elements and to protect against falling objects or head injuries, these could be considered the earliest forms of men's hats.

As time progresses, changes and alterations are made to everything in order to keep them up to date or improve the concept, the humble men's hat is no different to this. As times pass the hat has taken on many roles, for example protective Roman helmets made of Bronze, these weren't only used for protective purposes but also to emphasise rank and importance as well as define the differences between legions, there were over 30 different types of helmet used during Roman rule, each helmet was made to fit a purpose from heavy infantry to foot soldier.

It was during the 14th and 15th century that we started wearing hats as an accessory, men more so than women, men's hats became an important fashion accessory and since those times the trend has just continued to grow. Hats were made from various materials, such as leather, felt, silk, velvet and taffeta.

Tricorne hats of the 17th and 18th century, three cornered hats which were worn as part of naval and military dress, these hats had their advantages, worn usually with one point facing forwards and the others over the shoulders, the Tricorne hat would effectively become guttering for the head, by keeping rain off the face. Tricorne hats were also worn by civilians, over a period of time they became quite flamboyant in appearance, with the introduction of lace trimmings and feathers, as depicted in paintings of Charles the 2nd.

The Tricorne became redundant just before the French Revolution, at which time, hats became popular, the Tricorne is still worn today by the lord mayor of London, it is also worn by the Chelsea pensioners.

It wasn't until the 18th century that women's hats became fashionable like men's, until this period it was only the well to do middle or upper class women who wore hats, and these were not unlike those worn by men.

It is mainly in the last couple of hundred years that the diversity of hats that we know today has been prevalent. Men's hats have seen the comings and goings of the Top Hat, the Bowler, the Trilby, Boater, Fedora and Panama to name a few.

The trilby and fedora especially even nowadays seem to drift in and out of fashion, hat fashion seems to be somewhat dictated by celebrities, for example in the past few years the beanie hat became popular after David Beckham wore one in a promotion, the fedora increased in popularity with the release of the Indiana Jones films but also more recently when the Fedora started being worn by pop stars, this fashion also extended to women.

There is no set fashion to men's hats these days; it all seems to boil down to personal preference and seasonal wear. Hats today for both men and women are accessories, usually worn to complete an outfit, style or look. Winter men's hats include the deerstalker, originally worn for hunting in harsh conditions, warmth being the main aim, trapper hats (much similar to the deerstalker), trooper and some variations of military style hats.

Summer head wear includes baseball caps (popular all year round, but not providing so much insulation and warmth as many alternatives), straw hats, bucket hats similar to those worn nowadays by fishing fanatics, which completely cover the head with a wide yet floppy brim which keeps sun out of the eyes, or the most simple style is the sun visor.

Of course there are exceptions to the rules whereby we see some of the more traditional men's hats being worn; such an example might be wearing top hat and tails for a wedding or top hat with mourning dress.

Necessity to fashion, rank and authority, aristocracy to democracy there has always been men's hats to reflect the genre or period, this is a tradition which will ultimately continue throughout time to come.

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