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Posted on April 14, 2017

The hat is one of the most popular clothing accessories nowadays, but sometimes choosing the most suitable headwear such as the Carlos Santana line of hats could be a difficult step. Some people do not consider wearing of hats in their daily style and wear them only on special occasions such as parties. You can also find hats that very adaptable you can wear them for both situations special occasions and in the daily life. The key for choosing the most suitable is the balance. Other things to consider are your wardrobe, body, and face shape.

Driving Cap

If you've recently peeked into a fashion and/or pop culture magazine lately, you've probably noticed that the Santana Hats have made a major trendy comeback. Once a look associated with old Hollywood style and glamor, these fashionable hats had all but faded into the background of our style consciousness.

However, some current tenor inclinations have shown a definitive shift in our attitudes towards this sharp lid look.

The current popularity of fedoras can be traced to the first Indiana Jones movie when Indy, played by Harrison Ford, wears a safari style fedora, where the medium-to-large brim is turned down in the front and the back. The hat has become emblematic of the man. After that, all fedora styles took off. Today's fashionistas like their fedoras with stingy (short) brims - very much on the other side of the fedora brim length continuum from Indy.

Whether they know it or not, these young hipsters are the direct fashion descendants from Carlos Santana Hats. Recent trends have proven that fedora hats have firmly planted themselves as a front-running style accessory.

What are the Best Carlos Santana Hats This Year

Following blockbuster films such as The Untouchables, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Once Upon A Time In America and, more recently, Public Enemies, gangster outfits have become one of the most popular types of 1920's fancy dress at Halloween and at themed parties, throughout the country.

Always extremely popular with the men, they are now often worn by women, where the Gangster Moll's outfit is second only to flapper costumes when it comes to female 1920's fancy dress.

So if you have decided to go to the upcoming costume party in 1920's fancy dress and more specifically you have decided to buy one of those great gangster outfits that you have found online, what are those little extras that you will need to consider purchasing to make your outfit just that extra bit authentic looking?

Below are five great accessories that will transform your gangster outfit into something that Al Capone himself would have been proud of.

1920s spats

White in colour and made from a soft felt material, 1920's spats really do help to create a classic twenties shoe look. Make sure that you get some with a Velcro fastening for easy use and with an elastic stirrup between the heal and the sole so that they stay in place properly. The better 1920's spats that you can find usually includes silver coloured buttons on the side for that extra little touch.

The black spiv moustache

The weaselly looking black spiv mustache makes a superb gangster's mustache and is quite easy to apply with face paints. However, if you really want to look the part you could always buy a self adhesive one, where no spirit gum is needed, which is more likely to last the night than a painted one would.

Felt trilby hat

A black felt trilby makes a perfect gangster hat and will add a lot to the costume, without costing a great deal. Meanwhile, the ladies might want to consider buying a pin striped fedora hat to compliment their gangster's moll costume.

Moulded PVC tommy gun

No gangster outfit would be complete without a moulded PVC tommy gun at your side. You will be surprised just how cheaply you can buy these for and they will certainly add a little something to your costume.

Male gangster shoes

Although a pair of gangster shoes are likely to be more expensive than the items mentioned above, these black and white patent shoes are the ultimate 1920's fancy dress accessory that are guaranteed to complete any gangster's costume.

Custom Fitted Hats

Men's fedora hats are felt hats that have a crease along the length of the crown and are pinched on both sides in the front. There are similar hats with an indent for the head at the top of the crown (a C crown) which are often called fedoras. The brim goes the whole way around and will often have a hat band. The trilby hat is not dissimilar to a fedora, but normally it will have a brim that is less broad with the brim distinctly more upturned as a result.

Originally, a female fashion statement going into the twentieth century, the term fedora was a male clothing accessory for the middle classes which started to be used around 1919. Popularity grew to the extent that by the early 1920's, it had taken over from the Homburg which was similar in design. Fedoras come in a variety of colours including black, grey, brown, tan and red.

Fedora as a word is taken from a late nineteenth century play by Victorien Sardou, which was written specifically for Sarah Bernhardt. The play, first performed in the United States in 1889, saw Bernhardt play Princess Fedora wearing a hat similar to a fedora. It was from this that it became a popular female fashion trend into early twentieth century America.

They became popular with men in bigger cities for its style and ability to shield one's head from the elements of wind and rain and the fact that it could be rolled up when not being used. Many Haredi and other orthodox Jews have worn black fedoras since the early 20th century and still do today.

The fedora is often associated with the era that saw the Great Depression and Prohibition with fedoras being worn by gangster types and detectives who brought them to justice for their criminal deeds. In Hollywood films throughout the 1940's, the hat was often worn by characters playing the role of a private detective or other perceived tough guy roles. Indeed, it was also used in films throughout the fifties with people like Gene Kelly sporting one in the classic 'Singin' in the rain.'

Frequently accompanying the fedora was the trench coat and it became somewhat of a costume, the most notable example being the character of Rick in the film Casablanca, played by Humphrey Bogart. Other iconic performances from fedora wearing actors include the Blues Brothers (Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi), Freddy Kruger (Nightmare on Elm Street), and the unforgettable Indiana Jones series of movies. The hat is also associated with the film noir genre.

The Fedora began to lose popularity by the late 1950's, particularly on the west coast of the United States, which is renowned for its more casual style of clothing. The switch from wide to narrow lapels resulted in hats with shorter brims, deeming the fedora redundant. Another factor was the smaller cars being manufactured which made driving when wearing a hat more difficult.

By the early 1970's, men's fedora hats were dead as a fashion item, rarely worn by anyone other than older men. Pop stars like Michael Jackson started a mini revival in the 1980's using black and white fedoras which became a trademark of his. Other notable wearers include Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry and the novelist Terry Pratchett.

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